Oct 2014

Grape Deal- Floss? Check
Plaque-fighting toothpaste? Check
Red Wine? That’s right-vino rosso could actually keep your teeth healthy
Red wine may be good for your heart, cancer insulin levels-so why not …your teeth? It may seem counterintuitive (and like a recipe for stained choppers), but a new study suggests that red wine could help keep your teeth healthy. Spanish researchers created a mixture of cavity-causing bacteria similar to those found in your mouth and then treated it difference liquids. They found that red wine (even nonalcoholic varieties) and grape seed extract both helped to get rid of the bacteria. Wine is rich in polyphenols, health-boosting compounds that have antibacterial properties. An excuse to pour a nice merlot with dinner? We’ll take it. Just make sure to keep your intake to the recommended one glass per day.