Jun 2014

Radiography and the Pregnant Patient
The risks and the benefit must be weighed when deciding whether a radiographic examination is appropriate for an expectant mother.
The use of diagnostic imaging in pregnant patients can be concerning for both patients and clinicians. Clinicians who have a solid understanding of the radiation delivered by various radiographic techniques and the acceptable exposure thresholds are best prepared to effectively advise their patients. Though radiographs can enhance treatment diagnosis and planning, the exposure can elevate a person’s lifetime risk of cancer. The two principal s of radiation protection to help manage the risk: appropriate justification for performing each procedure and careful optimization of the radiation dose used during each procedure. Basically, each person should have the proper x-ray so that the dosage is correct for them.
Dr. Sturner says that he is not worried about excessive radiation in our office. We make it our practice to not x-ray unless necessary. Also, we have our digital x-ray machines calibrated to make sure they are using the correct dosage of rads.